Frye W. Giles

Among the cities of Kansas, Topeka, its beautiful capital, rears her lofty spires and encourages education, commerce and industry to a greater degree than any of her of her sister municipalities, and yet but a few decades cover the span her existence. When Frye W. Giles and six other pioneers laid out what then seemed an impossible city, scarcely any one would have had the courage to confess the hope that was in his mind and yet that would scarcely have come up to the present realization.

Frye w. Giles, one of these original pioneers was born in Littleton, New Hampshire, May 30, 1819. He was reared and educated in his native locality, and on attaining manhood embarked in a mercantile business, which absorbed his energies for 20 years. In 1854 he came to Kansas and soon became interested in agricultural pursuits. Shortly after Topeka was recognized by the government, he was made the first postmaster of the place, and held that office for a long period. He was one of the progressive men of his day, one who naturally dominated in public affairs and subsequently he became connected with various pioneer business enterprises and then engaged in banking. He accumulated a large fortune and lived retired during the last years of life. Mr. Giles died June 9, 1898, and his remains were laid to rest in the Topeka Cemetery. He never ceased to be interested in the material development of the city which he had assisted to lay out and through his long life was ready to promote her welfare in all possible ways. He was a staunch Republican and he was equally firm in his devotion to the principles of the masonic fraternity.

On July 10, 1844, Mr. Giles was married to Caroline A. Fellows, who is a daughter of Moses Fellows, of Salisbury, New Hampshire. She was born in 1821, and still survives. Time having touched her very gently. She still occupies her old homestead at No. 113 West Eighth avenue, where she has lived continuously since 1859. This is the oldest residence in Topeka, one which, before inevitable decay accomplishes its ruin, should be pictured and preserved as a city landmark. Mr. Giles was a consistent member of the Protestant Episcopal church, to which he liberally contributed. Mrs. Giles is also a member and her benefactions in the cause of religion and charity proclaim a gentle heart and a true Christian spirit.

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