Honoring our veterans and family members buried at Topeka Cemetery with an announcement of:

HISTORIC TOPEKA CEMETERY WEBSITE will tell the stories; “connecting the dots” of the families who have contributed to building Topeka, Kansas to what it is today.  Each individual and each family made a contribution that made a difference in the quality of life of living in Topeka from the very beginning to the city we enjoy today.   Of the 37,000 individuals interred at Historic Topeka Cemetery, each and every one has a story and a connection to others buried here and to those still living.  Their lives tell the story of Topeka from the beginning.   Their history and their family history parallel the rich and colorful history of Topeka, the capital of Kansas.   This website will grow rapidly over the next several years with the addition of the individual family stories and that will establish the legacies of real people who lived and died here.    In honor of their lives, this website will record their unique contribution to their families and our community.  


The Topeka Cemetery Association has contracted with ASA Marketing Group of Topeka to develop this website and assist families in telling their stories while including historic information documenting the history of Topeka and Topeka Cemetery.  The new website is designed to provide an option for families to include obituaries and biographical information on the website for perpetual historic reference as individual and family stories. 


ASA Marketing Group was founded by a fifth generation Topeka family in 1987 and specializes in grass roots fundraising for public schools, municipalities and historic preservation non-profit organizations.  ASA is seeking volunteers who have relatives buried at Historic Topeka Cemetery as well as other interested historians who would like to preserve the history of this cemetery and families buried here. 


Volunteers who wish to participate will help fund a $3,000,000 historic preservation endowment   managed by the Topeka Community Foundation.   Annual earnings from the endowment will be used to maintain and enhance Topeka Cemetery while preserving the sacred grounds and the history of those buried here.   Operation of the cemetery is governed by the Topeka Cemetery Association, a non- profit corporation with a voluntary board of directors elected by lot owners.  Donations to the endowment fund are tax deductible.   Earnings from this endowment will be used to provide maintenance and enhancements to Topeka Cemetery.   It is the goal of the TCA to continue the operation of Historic Topeka Cemetery by family and relatives of those buried here, establish and maintain a dynamic website to capture the history of HTC families.


We endeavor to honor the lives and preserve the memories of those who were before us.


If you are interested in joining with us to preserve Historic Topeka Cemetery there are a number of ways you can participate and make a difference. 

Publish your family members’ obituaries on the Historic Topeka Cemetery website:  $98 per individual family member for the first 2,500 registered and $125 thereafter.  For example, if you have 6 family members you want to post their obituaries on the website, it would be a $490 if they are part of the first 2,500.  If you cannot provide hard copy or an electronic version  of the website, TCA has volunteer researchers who will help find the information for you at no charge.  You can add photo with the obituary for $20.  Black and white and color photos same charge. 


Publish your family members’ biographical sketches on the website: $398 per individual family member for the first 2,500 registered and $498 thereafter.   The cost includes posting an obituary of the family member at no additional cost.   You must provide the biographical information and professional writers will edit for your final approval.  You will receive a credit at the end of the bio for providing the information.   The cost for the bio also includes up to two photos.  Additional photos $20 each.


Publish your family story on the website: $1,500 to $10,000 donation depending on the size and complexity of the family history and story.  Professional writers are under contract with ASA Marketing Group to help write your stories and edit the information provided.  Volunteer researchers are available to verify and gather historic information to be included with the family story.  An associate from ASA Marketing Group will assist you in determining the proper amount for you to donate to the Historic Topeka Cemetery Endowment.


Family genealogy: Published on private net for private access.  Available options for these services.  ASA Marketing will consult with you to design an appropriate plan and negotiate an appropriate contribution to the Historic Topeka Cemetery Preservation Fund.


Historic Topeka Cemetery Street Naming:  Available to families who have family interments at Historic Topeka Cemetery.  Street naming will range from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on the length and significance of the street.  These are permanent naming rights that will include the benefactors biographical information preserved on the Historic Topeka Cemetery website.


Major donor naming rights for selected historic buildings and grounds: To be negotiated with a representative of ASA Marketing Group and submitted to the Topeka Cemetery Association Board for approval.


Thank you for your support and patronage of Historic Topeka Cemetery…the oldest organized cemetery in the state of Kansas.

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About  Historic Topeka Cemetery

Historic Topeka Cemetery is operated by its lot owners, each of whom is a member of the Topeka Cemetery Association. Day-to-day operations are overseen by the association’s nine member board of directors and conducted by the superintendent.

As you walk the grounds or visit the website, know that your loved ones rest with ours. As they have been since its founding in 1859, Historic Topeka Cemetery’s caretakers are committed to respectful maintenance and preserving memories for generations to come.

Thank you for your support and patronage of Historic Topeka Cemetery, the oldest chartered cemetery in Kansas.


Historic Topeka Cemetery

1601 SE 10th Avenue . Topeka, Kansas 66607

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